Philippines' First Church Management Solution

Designed to provide Christian churches and communities with affordable and user-friendly software solutions to streamline tasks, manage members, and facilitate outreach for growth.


Main Features

Our Church Management System allows you to:

Track Attendance

Track and analyze attendance metrics for church events to measure growth and performance.

Welcome and Record Visitors

Track visitor attendance and metrics to analyze growth opportunities and follow up with potential new members.

Maintain Member Records

Track membership directory and metrics to analyze member growth, engagement, and follow-up opportunities.

Organize Small Groups

Monitor small group directory, members, and visitors to measure participation and identify opportunities for growth.

Coordinate Volunteers

Manage church volunteer schedules and activities to efficiently staff events and services.

Monitor Members' Journey

Generate reports from members' key milestones (e.g. baptism, seminars, training) to identify members for targeted invitations to events and programs.

Manage Finances

Easily manage church finances, including donations, expenses, and budgets. Made easy with integrated payment processing.

Broadcast Messages

Stay connected with your members with personalized, automated broadcasts to members and visitors for follow-up, event, announcements, and promotions.

Whether you're a small church or a large congregation, our Church Management System is the perfect tool to manage and grow your community.

Our Clients

We believe that actions speak louder than words, Below is our list of clients that supporting us to improve and expand our Church Management System


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